Goodbye Wuala!

Wuala has shut down on November 15, 2015

A pioneer of secure cloud storage, Wuala closed its service after 7 years in November, 2015. Wuala's team and founders have been a source of inspiration for European tech entrepreneurs and cryptographers alike.

Wuala recommends Tresorit to their former users to keep their files safe after Wuala shut down.

Similarly to Wuala, Tresorit is a Swiss company, who stores your data in EU data centers and uses “end-to-end encryption” to guarantee that no Tresorit admin, hacker or government can access your content. Your files are secured before they leave your device and remain fully encrypted until they reach the recipient. Only you have the keys to open or share them.

Secure services are usually a pain to use, but Tresorit's ease of use has been praised by Forbes, PCWorld and thousands of users. Tresorit ratings on all app stores rival those of Dropbox.

Tresorit offers the governance controls which businesses expect today. These controls are embedded in the product, not integrated using other applications. The Admin Center of Tresorit Business allows company administrators to implement mandatory 2-Step Verification, limit access based on location and set other global security policies.